The Perfect Juicer For Juicing Your Kale

We realize that eating kale is not the most tempting endeavor when it comes to improving your diet. This is why we personally prefer to run our kale through a juicer and just drink all of the vitamins and minerals that it contains. In our previous article on kale we pointed out various reasons why you should be trying to include this into your everyday meals, but honestly, we do not even like to eat it. So having a juicer that helps get the most of this nutritious vegetable can help circumvent this.

One juicer that we have tried and use on a daily basis is the Omega NC800. This is one of the best juicers out there for juicing leafy greens like spinach, cabbage, and kale. It is a masticating juicer which is the type of machine that you will want to get if you plan on juicing these types of vegetables.  Centrifugal juicers simply cannot get very good juice yield out of kale and similar produce and you will end up wasting a lot of time and money.

This particular model from Omega has a tremendous reputation even though it is fairly new to the market.  Veggie Files best juicer rankings has this as their top rated juicing machine for 2016 as owners from around the world give it superior scores for its juice quality.  Let’s look at why this is a great option for your kitchen.

Leafy Greens

As we stated earlier, this juicer really shines with this type of food.  Masticating juicers slowly press juice out of from the pulp and this action is ideal for leafy vegetables that do not have a lot of juice in them to begin with.  For the maximum yield when making green juices, this is the only machine that you should be contemplating.  The NC800 is a terrific choice for not just kale, but for any healthy leafy greens that you wish to juice.

Wider Feed Chute

This is a slow juicer to begin with, but with a larger feed chute you do not have to spend extra time cutting fruits and vegetables into very small pieces just to fit the opening.  This is a feature that is new to masticating juicers and it has been a huge time saver for users.  Although you can fit in larger pieces, it is also important to not jam a lot in there at once to minimize the risk of clogging.

Quiet Juicing

The NC800 runs at a steady 80 RPM which makes it really quiet when it is running, especially compared to centrifugal juicers which can run at up to 14,000 RPM.  You will not have to worry about waking the neighborhood just to make a fresh glass of juice.

Clean Up

This is often an overlooked aspect when juicer shopping, but it is something that is just as important as juice yield.  If something is too much of a hassle to do, chances are you will stop doing it and give up.  Getting the NC800 clean is a relatively painless process and it should not be an impediment to your juicing habit.


Omega really stands out in this area.  This model comes with an impressive 15 year warranty which is tops in its class.  This is something that Omega is known for and why they are so popular.  Most centrifugal juicers, on the other hand, typically come with only a 1 year warranty.  You want to feel confident that your investment is protected and Omega understands that.


Now, this is not a perfect juicer.  There are some things that keep it from getting a perfect score.


While it is not the most expensive juicer on the market, it is not cheap either.  The NC800 will run between $220 and $300 which is not exactly budget friendly.


A stainless steel body would be a little more sturdy and look a lot better, but this model has a hard plastic shell that might detract from it slightly.


This is not the fastest machine when it comes to juicing, so if you need a speed demon this is not going to be the best option.

Hail The Kale

Despite these minor issues, the NC800 is a terrific juice extractor that is perfect for juicing kale.  We have thrown probably a hundred pounds of it through this machine without so much as a hiccup.  The juice quality and juice yield is second to none in our opinion and we highly recommend it.


Putting The Versatility Of A Food Processor To Good Use

Using a kitchen food processor

A food processor is one of the kitchen tools that you cannot do without .Its many functions can make life a little easier in the kitchen. Many recipes of foods require a food processor. Below are some of the many ways to use a food processor in your kitchen.

Different Uses For A Food Processor In The Kitchen

The versatility of this small kitchen appliance is something that most home chefs do not fully realize. They think that it is good for chopping onions or handling their vegetables, but in reality this machine can do a lot more for you in the kitchen. If you love to cook and spend time preparing fresh, home cooked meals for your family then this is something that you truly need. The best reviewed food processors of 2016  have a lot to offer and below are just some of the many cooking tasks that this little powerhouse can help you achieve in your kitchen.

Preparing spreads and dressings

These preparations require fine chopping that can only be achieved by a kitchen mixer. No more crying when you chop onions and garlic, this valued machine does everything for you. You get a nice smooth dessert in a few seconds and will serve your dinner in time when appetites are still wet.

Grinding meat

Making minced meat has feels easier and safer when you use a food processor. Cut the meat into pieces and place them in the freezer until they stiffen. You then ground the chunks of meat in the food processor. This can be used for meatballs and burgers.

Grinding nuts for dessert or butter

Sometimes you will need a cup of finely crushed nuts for homemade nut butter or dessert .The process of pounding nuts by hand can be frustrating, but the food processor won’t let you down. In a spun of five minutes the magical machine can crunch the nuts into fine texture for your recipes.

Making curry paste

You can make your own curry paste at home. You get a chance to experiment with different curry pastes with this machine that might make you feel like an award-winning chef.

Chopping vegetables for salad

This is why you cannot do without a food processor, unless if you want to put up with the tedious process of vegetables things by hand. You can prepare first-class salad from carrots, onions, cucumber and vegetables in no time.

Healthy dough recipes

The food processor comes in handy when you want to make healthy dough mixtures for recipes that need fruits. It can be used to whip up ingredients like milk, sugar, black walnuts, sugar, and corn syrup that you can use for your walnut ice cake. Same for sesame seed cakes and cherry bars among others.

Making ice cream

If ice cream sounds like ecstasy to you then look no further for now you can easily make yours at home. Besides, you can make a healthy recipe to indulge in without a slice of guilt. Take for instance cherry ice cream; you will use the food processor to thoroughly whip frozen cherry fruits, milk, ice cream, sugar, salt and almond extract together. The machine will only take a few moments to reduce the cherry mixture to a fine paste that you will then take to your ice cream maker. There are plenty of indulgent ice cream recipes that you can use with your food processor which should be enough to make you go out and get one.

Pounding grains into flour

When you want your own brown wheat for a healthy breakfast the blender can come in handy.

Making bread crumbs and cookie crumbs

The mixer can impressively cut breadcrumbs and cookie crumbs for recipes like cheesecake crust.

Making smoothies

If you have decided to be done with the sodas and fizzy drinks, then the mixer welcomes you the world of healthy living. You can easily prepare healthy fruit juices for your snacks with no hustle. From the chopping to slicing to whipping up the apples and mangoes and what have you, the blender will not disappoint you.

Making humus

The kitchen mixer is used to blend chickpeas to powdery balls for a homemade humus. The chickpeas are blended together with other ingredients like tahini, lemon juice, garlic, and salt. Still in the machine, water is added to the pureed mixture 1 tablespoon at a time to forma smooth light and creamy mixture. The humus recipes always only require the mixer and freezer, and then you are set to enjoy your rich and smooth humus.

Some people are real slow in the kitchen and will spend ten minutes chopping onions for salad or pounding nuts for dressings. Others are very fast and without being careful might slice their own fingers chopping vegetables. Many others are impatient and cannot thoroughly whisk ingredients in a bowl for meal preparation. Everybody has some weakness in the kitchen, but the food processor turns these into strengths. It saves your time; it works perfectly and enables you to try a variety of homemade dishes.

Jogging Stroller Safety Guide For Active Parents

Jogging stroller safety guidelines

A great way to burn off stress, calories, and get the kids out of the house for an hour or two is to make use of a running stroller. A lot of parents are looking for ways to stay active while also looking after the kids, and having one of these types of strollers is a super means of achieving this. We all know of the fabulous benefits of running, and a great number of parents are turning to running strollers as a way of combining their workout with looking after the kids. It is also a great experience that the kids tend to really enjoy. However, as with any activity with children, it is always prudent to make sure that everything is as safe as possible for them. Below are some safety tips that you can follow while using your stroller outdoors to keep them protected.

Baby’s Age

The first thing that you will find about using a jogging stroller is that it should not be used with a baby that is less than six months old. The only exception to this rule is when you have a car seat adapter attached to the stroller. This seat will keep your baby’s neck and head stable and it also ensures that the baby’s head does not bounce around more than it should. Infants need proper neck, head, and shoulder support to avoid injury.

Jog In Less Congested Areas

This is an obvious tip to make your time with the jogging stroller that much more pleasant. When it comes to planning a route you need to make sure that you choose a route in a quiet and peaceful area. Try to choose a bike route as it is generally not very busy and if you have trouble choosing a peaceful area, and then try to choose a path that is dedicated to running. You really do not want to be dodging traffic or travel near busy roadways if possible.

The Less Turns The Better

When choosing a jogging stroller, try and get one whose front wheel can be locked and unlocked. When using the jogger you should remember to lock the front wheel, as then there is practically no chance that the stroller will turn suddenly and cause a crash or fall over. Long straightaways provide the best opportunity to avoid tip overs and a locked front wheel helps keep the stroller stable.

Proper Clothing

It is important to ensure that your child is well protected against the elements. If the weather is cold or if it is windy, then be sure to clothe your child in warm clothes. If it is hot then you should ensure that your child has just enough clothes on him or her to stay comfortable. Also, in hot weather be sure to protect the child with a visor and with some sunscreen. Try and run for short distances in very hot as well as very cold conditions.

Stroller Safety Features

Today’s running strollers should all have some sort of safety harness that will keep your child from falling and from being shaken more than he or she should. Use the harness to ensure that the child cannot reach out and get his or her fingers stuck in the jogger’s wheels.

Scheduling Your Run

It makes sense to time your run so that the child does not mind being taken out. Try to take the child out on a run before it is his nap time as this is the best time to run, as the running movement of the jogger will help put the child to sleep. Avoid taking the child out on a run before his mealtime as he will be feeling hungry and will not be amenable to going out in the jogging stroller.

Pace Yourself

When using the jogging stroller you need to make sure that you run at a speed that is acceptable. Typically, you should run about a minute per mile less than you normally run. This will benefit you as you will succeed in burning greater numbers of calories and you can also indulge in some much needed resistance training. Also, running at the right pace makes things easier for both you and your child.

Also, it makes sense to invest wisely in a suitable jogger. To find the right stroller you must research your options. Current jogging stroller ratings and reviews on offer up plenty of high quality and safe options that should appeal to every budget. Also, keep in mind the amount of running you plan to do. The right stroller will make things easier for everyone. Also, try and pick one that has a canopy, hand brake and which can be integrated with a car seat for added safety and convenience. Jogging with your kids can be a great way to look after your fitness need while you are also looking after your little ones. With the proper precautions, the entire experience can be safe and fun.

Making Divine Meals With Some Of The Best Toaster Ovens On The Market

Toaster oven recommendations

Using a your full sized oven is not always practical and it can be a little intimidating for novice chefs.  Next to the refrigerator, it is typically one of the largest appliances in your kitchen that gets the least amount of use.  However, getting a toaster oven for your kitchen can give you more options with something that is less scary to use.  Making home cooked dishes for your family is extremely rewarding, so getting something for your countertop that makes it fast and convenient to prepare a fresh meal is worth it.  Below are just some of the better rated small ovens for your counter that can transform the way that you cook and the way that your family eats.

Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven

This is the real cream of the crop when it comes to countertop ovens.  It has been the top rated toaster oven since it came out for its cooking performance and modern features and styling.  They call this a “smart oven” for its ability to automatically set the temperature and time for whatever type of food you are cooking.  Its quartz heating elements heat up rather quickly and they deliver an even temperature while cooking to give the best results.  It also has a convection cooking setting that helps ensure that food is cooked evenly on all sides.

The BOV800XL also features a sweet digital LCD display that gives this oven a true futuristic look and feel.  With 9 cooking settings, this machine can handle just about any type of cooking task that you give it.  From whole chickens to baking cookies, this Breville model can handle it all.  It is not the cheapest oven out there, but it is one of the best performing and versatile models which makes it worth every penny.

Cuisinart TOB-195

This toaster oven from Cuisinart is a little more affordable than the BOV800XL above, but it does not skimp on features.  It also has a convection setting along with 3 other presets.  Its control panel is in the front of the machine to better utilize countertop space and take up less of a footprint.  One of the areas where this oven shines in its ability to broil food.  If you like fish, hamburgers or steak and want an easier way to broil, this is the oven for you.  With a stainless steel exterior, the TOB-195 is another modern looking appliance that stands out in just about any type of kitchen.  For a slightly smaller full featured oven, when compared to the BOV800XL, this Cuisinart oven is a perfect option.

Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven

Not everyone has the advantage of having a big kitchen with tons of countertop space.  Well the BOV450XL is a terrific choice for smaller kitchens or dorm rooms.  It gives you the ability to cook tasty recipes but in a smaller package.  It does not have a convection cooking feature, but it does have Breville’s Element IQ and “Smart” cooking features that makes this a very capable toaster oven for handling more than just toast.  It also has the same sleek styling that makes this one of the most modern looking small kitchen appliances that you can buy.  It has enough room for four pieces of bread for those who do love their toast in the morning.

Take Advantage of These Heavenly Ovens

These are just three options of the many different toaster oven models that are available today.  These machines have really advanced over the several years and their ability to actually cook food like casseroles, steak, poultry and seafood has really gotten significantly better.  They measure up to the performance seen in full sized ovens but with faster cook times.  Being smaller, they are also easier to clean and maintain.  They are also a lot cheaper, which is almost always a good selling point.  If you have room on your counter and are looking to fill it with something that you will enjoy using and that will make cooking your favorite recipes less of a hassle, then go out and get yourself a toaster oven today.  With great control, you will no longer have to pray for good results.